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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Geert Wilders on WEED!

Monday, June 15, 2009

In the video below Wilders says he has nothing against the people of Islam, but he wants to deport millions of Muslims who have a certain ideology. He is incapable of answering the simple question of exactly how many Muslims are there who in fact pose a threat to the society and are part of criminal activities and are a burden on the government of the Netherlands. Who is he fighting against? Or is he just a punkass attention seeker!
He can't even speak properly! What is wrong with the Dutch people that they make him into such a large political party?!

Memory Erasing Drug

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I came across this rather outstanding article just now about a breakthrough in medicine regarding the brain. Apparently the scientists in New York claim to have produced a drug that can erase memory! Now this is quite heavy information! The article fairly covers the pros and cons of such a drug, click here to read it.
Facebook quizzes reveal what an "anti-everything" I am :P ... so here I am talking against something yet again. I agree that this drug could serve as great help for some medical cases, namely those suffering some kind of post-traumatic stress or Alzheimer's. Then again, the possibilities and abuse of this drug are so vast that just knowing a drug can do this is insane. I agree with the statement in the article: "Memories serve an evolutionary purpose, reminding us what's unsafe about a certain situation, person, setting." Everything that happens in life, gives something towards creating the person that we are today. Our bad choices lead us into bad consequences, and these are just repercussions that we have to live with, and this is exactly what we call L-I-F-E - it doesn't come with a second chance. The memory may be erased from a single person's mind, but what about other's related to that memory? Does everybody have to have that drug then? Or do you then live a lie, only to help someone else?
And politically speaking. These darn governments are so freaking untrustworthy, we better stop inventing, or create a public secret society only to exclude the government. This drug would only serve as a catalyst towards the wonderful *sublimely sarcastic* New World Order!

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